Will they come?

Dear Precious Partners from far and wide,

We are just a few days away from our hosting our first Fundraising Banquet for the HOUSE OF HOPE here in WHC’s hometown, Pohang.

This one is to be a small event primarily focused on raising awareness and support from among the local churches, past supporters and other key leaders in Pohang whom we think may have some interest in the advocacy of pre-born babies and their young mothers, as well as Korea’s survivors of sex trafficking.

Though short and sweet, the program is packed with goooood stuff including the following:

1. An opening performance by Handong Global University’s “Girls’ Accapella;”

2. A stellar performance by CCM artist, Junmo Cho (조준모) and his beautiful wife, the talented cellist from the Huh Trio, Faith Huh; and

3. An inspiring message from Onnuri English Ministry’s own, Pastor Eddie Byun, who is also the Founder of OEM’s ministry to survivors of sex trafficking in Korea, HOPE Be Restored.

And who is our Master of Ceremonies? It is the charismatic, Prof. Jae Chun Won of Handong International Law School, who is also the former Director of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea.

The Executives and I have gathered together in prayer over the weekend for our Compassionate God to cover the event with His presence and for Him to gather all those in Pohang whom He has appointed to be there and get involved in His tremendous life-saving and life-restoring work.

Please pray with us that they will at least come and see what God has been doing so far and plans to do with the HOUSE OF HOPE.

Thank you so much for your prayer support. It is really what holds us up since we know that the God who answers those prayers is not only able and willing, but is also leading the way forward.

Serving together for HOPE and LIFE,





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