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INTRODUCING A NEW SITE: http://give.whckorea.org.

I’m utterly thankful for another prayer answered by our Great God.

Running a nonprofit is absolutely thrilling because I get to have a front-row seat in witnessing God change and save lives.

But it’s also a huge lesson in faith every day.

Why? Because let’s face it. Missionary-servants need to eat too. And rent needs to get paid. Hospital fees for our clients (who often have no money) are needed. And of course, there are huge projects like the HOUSE OF HOPE…

I’ve never worried about the finances though. Maybe I’m very simple-minded? But I just figure that since this is God’s work, He will provide all the means to make it happen. And if He doesn’t? Well then, it’s not meant to happen. I have no say in the matter. I’m merely His maidservant. I move when He moves.

That being said, with the mother-complex I have, I do often feel burdened in my heart for the tireless faithful servants, like Na Rae Kim (my “right-hand woman” I like to call her), who give 100% of their time and energy into serving with me at WHC. “She needs money to eat and to pay her rent, Lord! I know that you know that already. I know you will always provide and take care of her. She’s your daughter after all. But if I can be a channel of your provision, please show me how.”

Well, He did.

God connected me to Alex Lim of Five Two Foundation through Pastor Mina Choi Lee of New Philly Church Pusan.

The online fundraising platform Five Two has created is EXACTLY what I was looking for and more. I didn’t even know one existed!


I love that. As someone who wants to know exactly where my hard-earned money is going when I give to a cause, I want the same for every WHC supporter.

I want total transparency and accountability.

And that’s exactly what Five Two Foundation enables us to have at our new GIVE site.

So, take a look, have fun, and enjoy knowing that YOU ARE MAKING A LIFE-SAVING DIFFERENCE!

Every single one of you who lifts a prayer for our clients and for us servants or gives a gift is a PARTNER in this crucial God-ministry.

THANK-YOU. I can’t say it enough. Really. Thank you SO very much. Your partnership gives us strength to continue.


For our Loving Father and His Precious Kids,






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