Who We Are

Board of Directors

Min Hwang (황민정), Founder & Executive Director, RN (Canada, NY, NJ), U.S.-licensed Attorney

Junmo Cho (조준모), Professor of Linguistics, Handong Global University, S. Korea

Lynne Eggert, Nurse Practitioner, VA, U.S.A.

Craig Smith, Professor of English, Handong Global University, S. Korea

Suk-Hee Jung (정숙희), Professor of Social Welfare, Handong Global University, S. Korea

Rev. Eddie Byun, Senior Pastor of Onnuri English Ministry, Seoul, S. Korea

Quinn Skinner, U.S. Navy Commander, S. Korea

Myungjin Ko (고명진), Artist, S. Korea


Board of Advisors

Rev. Young Ho Hwang (황영호), International Chaplain, Handong Global University, S. Korea

David Eggert (다욋 에걸트), Attorney-at-Law, Virginia, U.S.A.

Jae Won (원재천), Professor of Law, Handong International Law School, Former Director of the National Human Rights Commission


Executive Officers

Janice Yoon janice@whckorea.org Director of the Crisis Pregnancy Center & Head Counselor 

Janice is a licensed professional counselor. In addition to managing the Crisis Pregnancy Center, she serves as an adjunct professor at Sunlin College and also at a counseling center in Daegu.






Susan Chinn susan@whckorea.org Director of Fundraising Development


Calvin Choi calvin@whckorea.org, Financial Administrator


Jessica Matchett jessica@whckorea.org, Creative Director for Natureal Products 

Jessica is a mother and a Professor of English at Handong Global University.

Sunghee Yoon sunghee@whckorea.org, Program Manager for House of Peace 




Anna Namgoong anna@whckorea.org, Live-in Coordinator for House of Peace





Inkyung Choi inkyung@whckorea.org, Seoul Triage Manager & Counselor
Erin Mundy Director of Childbirth Education 

Erin is a homeschooling mother of five children and is a Certified Bradley Instructor Candidate. She is also seeking to become a licensed doula.



Shin Young Chung (이신영) shinyoung@whckorea.org, Bright Foundation Liaison, Seoul Branch

Shin Young is a licensed U.S. attorney. She is a Public Interest Attorney in Seoul, South Korea at Adovcates for Public Interest Law (APIL) (www.apil.co.kr).

Seoyoung Lee (이서영) seoyoung@whckorea.org, Seoul Branch

Seoyoung is a licensed U.S. attorney and a Research Fellow at the Korea Legislation Research Institute in Seoul, South Korea.

Hee Young Lee (이희영) heeyoung@whckorea.org, Seoul Branch)

Hee Young is a licensed U.S. attorney.

Esther Kim esther@whckorea.org, Social Media

Su Sung su@whckorea.org, Media

Su is a licensed U.S. attorney who currently also serves at the Korean Bar Association in Seoul, South Korea.

Sejeong Kim (김세정) sejeong@whckorea.org, Media & Design

Marian Choi (최효경) marian@whckorea.org, Administrative Assistance (Korean)