3 More Unique Fingerprints in Our World

      Since the summer we have had the special honor to witness the births of 3 new miracle babies. We praise God for these precious lives saved and for their courageous mothers. After much difficulty, two mothers have chosen adoption. We have been following up with them to continue to provide the emotional […]

Pohang International Festival FUN

I think the best part about participating in these festivals is the people we get to meet. We met EPIK teachers we otherwise would not have ever met though living and serving in the same city. We also met some local halmuhnees (I love halmuhnees – their faces and hands seem saturated with many wonderful […]

Foot Massage HOH Fundraiser!

                                        We had a blast giving foot massage/acupressure to the students and professors of Handong Global University at their student festival last week! All of the WHC Executive Officers in the Pohang headquarters have been learning […]

Will they come?

Dear Precious Partners from far and wide, We are just a few days away from our hosting our first Fundraising Banquet for the HOUSE OF HOPE here in WHC’s hometown, Pohang. This one is to be a small event primarily focused on raising awareness and support from among the local churches, past supporters and other […]

EASY, QUICK, & EFFECTIVE Giving to Your Favorite PROJECT!

INTRODUCING A NEW SITE: http://give.whckorea.org. I’m utterly thankful for another prayer answered by our Great God. Running a nonprofit is absolutely thrilling because I get to have a front-row seat in witnessing God change and save lives. But it’s also a huge lesson in faith every day. Why? Because let’s face it. Missionary-servants need to eat too. […]